Sunday, March 12, 2017

Marching Girls - Marching Girls 12" - 1983

Originally known as The Scavengers, they changed their name to the Marching Girls when they relocated to Melbourne in 1979.

01 - My Friends
02 - The Introduction
03 - Plain Jane
04 - Flesh Lies


Gordons - Future Shock 7' - 1980

The Gordons formed in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 1980 and were comprised of Alister Parker (Guitar/Vocals), John Halvorsen (Bass) and Brent McLachlan (Drums). With a sound both edgy post-Punk and semi-industrial, they toured and recorded throughout 1980, and in October released their first single "Future Shock". In late 1981, they recorded their first album The Gordons, which was voted album of 1981 in music magazine Ripitup, and subsequently split up. In late 1983, though, they re-emerged with Alister Parker replaced by new singer/guitarist Vince Pinker, and released their second album "Volume Two" in 1984. From late 1984 to 1986, the original line-up of The Gordons reformed and began recording material, which they later refused to release.

During this late period, John Halvorsen joined the Skeptics, while in 1986, Alister Parker formed a new band initially called Nelsh Bailter Space. Halvorsen joined the now truncated Bailter Space in 1987, and in 1989, the original Gordans lineup was reunited when Brent McLachlan also joined the band.

In 2013 The Gordons' debut was named a New Zealand Classic album at the annual Taite Awards.

01 - Future Shock
02 - Machine Song
03 - Adults And Children


Drug Problem - Drug Problem Lp - 2012

Wellington based band that later morphed into “Meth Drinker”, this was originally released as a CDr and then picked up by US label Diseased Audio.
Recorded in Hamilton at Studio Blasphemy.

Side A:
01 - Sexually Transmitted Text Message
02 - Cottage Cheese Facelift
03 - Wearing Your Wife's Dressing Gown
04 - Mermaid In Manhole
05 - Fanny Fish Bag

Side B:
06 - If I Had Arms I'd Kill Myself
07 - (Charlton Heston) A Man Of The Image
08 - The Towering Wall
09 - Where's Your Sister Tonight?
10 - Your Dad's Cumming

Watch me drift bro…
password is mboc

Diseased Audio.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

SMUT - Liquid Lunch Demo - 1993

Originated from Wellington, then emigrated to Australia. Fantastic live band with though provoking lyrics. I know at least one of the former members is still very active in bands in Sydney, not sure what the rest of them are up to these days.

01 - Was It Good For You?
02 - Pride Not Prejudice
03 - Competition Element

Self Released.

Sticky Filth - Witches CD - 1997

CD EP from 1997.

01 - Too Deep
02 - Jahbullheboosay
03 - Astronaut
04 - Scrap Metal Man

Sticky Filth

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Flesh D-Vice - Transmission 7" - 1985

Their Second 7".

01 - Transmission
02 - Strange TV

Hardedge Records

Compos Mentis - A Short History - Cassette 1985

Wellington based Anarcho Punk band who were quite active in the mid 80’s. They released 2 Cassette’s and a 7” ep as well as two split 7” records with Gash and Powerage. Craig who was the drummer released these on his label as well as the New Zealand Compilation 7”. Members went on to form Nazg├╗l.

Side A:
01 - Bullshitters
02 - No Wars
03 - Gunspeaks Death
04 - Hear Of Death
05 - The War Is Over
06 - Of Sound Mind

Side B:
07 - Sixty Five
08 - Hand Of Hell
09 - Scream
10 - The Insanity Of A Few
11 - No Practice
12 - Run For Shelter

The sound quality id pretty lo-fi due to the age and quality of the original cassette.

Grab it here:
password is kiwi

Sound Mind Tapes.